Quad Flat Non-Leaded Packaging Tape

Quad Flat Non-Leaded Packaging Tape

Tomoegawa's proprietary knowledge of specialty resins and adhesives has made us an industry leader in the production of high quality tapes for the semiconductor manufacturing market. We developed our ELEPHANE AT series tape as an ideal solution for QFN support applications. Consisting of a 25 µm polyimide film base, 6 µm non-conductive adhesive, and 38 µm protective film, it features good wire bondability, low outgassing, and provides strong adhesion with the lead frame with absolutely no resin leak during the metallic mold formation process. It exhibits excellent release properties and leaves no residue after removal.

Offered in a reel format, our proprietary manufacturing process enables us to produce tapes in master widths from 35 to 1,400 mm and precision slit them to widths from 5 mm and up in 0.1 mm increments. Short and long reels are available based on customer specifications. Contact us today to learn more about how this product can improve your QFN packaging applications.

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Quad Flat Non-Leaded Packaging Tape Specifications:

Product Name
Product Description
QFN Tape (Quad Flat Non-leaded package)
Project Scope
IC package assembly
ELEPHANE AT is an adhesive tape for QFN package producing process
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Non-Conductive Adhesive Development
High Clean Coating
Thin Film Coating
Tightest Tolerances
Slitting the tape from min. 5mm width in units of .1mm.
Laminating the tape width between 35mm and 1,400mm.
Coating from 5μm thickness of adhesive on polyimide film.
Material Used
Polyimide Film
Non-Conductive Adhesive
Material Thickness
Base Film: Polyimide 25µm
Adhesive Layer: 6µm
Protective Film: PET 38µm
Product Length
Product will be produced in a reel format. Short/long reels can be made based on customer's request
Product Width
Based on specification, product width is adjustable
Special Features
  • Wire Bonding Suitability
  • Molding property
  • Low outgassing
  • Tape provides strong Adhesion with Lead Frame (No resin leak at metallic mold formation process)
  • Superior Releasing (No remaining adhesive left once tape is released)
Industry for Use
Semiconductor Assembly
Delivery Location
United States, Japan

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