Lead Frame Fixing Tape

Lead Frame Fixing Tape

The engineers at Tomoegawa USA Paper developed our advanced technology ELEPHANE R7 Series tape for fixing lead frame inner leads in DIP and QFP package applications. Inside of our R&D facility, they formulated an electrically insulative, non-conductive adhesive and applied it to a base polyimide film, then added a protective PET layer. Laminated on wide 35 mm – 1,400 rolls, it is slit to widths of 5 mm or greater in 0.1 mm increments, which enables us to achieve tight tolerance results. ELEPHANE R7 withstands the extremely high temperatures of IC package assembly, and it also adheres at low temperatures for thermosetting applications. In addition to its low ionic impurities, it also exhibits low out gassing and high electrical reliability.

Formulated to tolerate temperatures of 120°C-240°C, the flexibility of our manufacturing process allows us to adjust the parameters based on specific customer requirements. To learn more about this product, or our processes, and how they can benefit your semiconductor assembly operations, contact us today.

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Lead Frame Fixing Tape Specifications

Product Name
Product Description
Lead Frame Fixing Tape (Lead Lock Tape) / Electrical Insulating Tape
Project Scope
IC package mounting
Fixing Lead frames inner leads such as DIP and QFP.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Non-Conductive Adhesive Development
High Clean Coating
Tightest Tolerances
Slitting the tape from min. 5mm width in units of 0.1mm.
Laminating the tape width between 35mm and 1,400mm.
Coating from 5μm thickness of adhesive on polyimide film.
Material Used
Polyimide Film
Non-Conductive Adhesive
Material Thickness
Polyimide Film Base film
Protective Film
Heat Harding Type
Heat Harding Type
Temperature Range
Parameters can be adjusted per customer's specification
Special Features
  • High Electric Insulation
  • High Electrical Reliability
  • Low Out Gassing
  • Low Ionic Impurities
  • Adhesive can endure extremely high temperatures during IC package assembling.
  • Ability to adhere at low temperatures for Thermosetting
  • Hardening adhesive is not necessary at the thermal process equipping ICs.
Industry for Use
Semiconductor Assembly
Delivery Location
United States, Japan

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