ECO Crystal Water Resistant Laser Printer Paper

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ECO Crystal Water Resistant Laser Printer Paper

At Tomoegawa USA we carry a full line of specialty papers including ECO Crystal, water resistant laser printer paper. It's ideal for use as retail store price cards, menus, POP advertisements, name tags, banners, and much more.

ECO Crystal features a durable glossy and printable finish on both sides, while maintaining the same laser toner adhesion of regular laser paper. ECO Crystal paper features resistant to water, extreme cold, and heat, as well as UVs. Its PET film lamination creates a product that will not tear, and can be recycled in a normal paper waste stream. Available in standard sizes with 250 sheet minimums, and immediate shipment. Special sizes are available and require 3000 sheet minimums, 1.5 month lead-times.

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Eco Crystal Paper Specifications:

Product Name
Product Description
Water resistant laser printer paper
Project Scope
To replace lamination, laminated paper medias. This product is as durable as laminated sheets and can be used just after print process. Only for Laser printers. Cannot be used with Ink jet printers
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Toner adhesion layer (coating) technology. Formulation of toner adhesion layer and the coating on PET film Adhesion technology (Paper + PET film)
Material Used
Paper laminated by PET film on both sides. Toner adhesion layer coated on both sides over PET Film
Material Thickness
Regular Paper: 205µm, Weight: 230g/m2
Thick Type Paper: 310µm, Weight: 370g/m2
Thin Type Paper: 165µm, Weight: 180g/m2
Product Length
A4, A4 Name Card Size, A3, A3 with ½ Fold Line, A3 with Corner Trimmed, A3 - ½ Fold Line & Corner Trimmed, A3 - ⅓ Fold Line & Corner Trimmed, B4, B4 (Perforation: B5 x 2), B4 (Perforation: B6 x 4), B4 (Perforation: B7 x 8), Banner size (1), Banner size (2)
Product Width
Max 1080mm wide, 300 meters long.
Minimum: A4/LTR size sheet
Special Features
Double size printable
Both sides are high gloss finished
Water resistance (Water, moisture)
  • Outside use, direct sunlight. High resistance against UV
  • Low temperature Freezer container
  • PET film laminated= strong and does not tear
Categorized as "paper" (Paper is the highest content of this product).
Industry for Use
Price Card (Retail Stores)
Menu (Restaurant)
POP Advertisements
Name Plate/Name Card
Bus/Train Time Schedule
Factory/Industrial Use (work instruction sheet)
Standard products (listed above): from 1 case (250 sheets)
Special size, perforation: Minimum 3000 sheets per order
Delivery/Turnaround Time
Standard products: Immediate shipment (subject to availability)
Custom size sheets: 1.5 months from order to shipment
Standards Met
Customer Specifications

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